Let us tempt you! At lunch and dinner a menu with a choice of 4 first and 4 second courses, as well as a rich buffet with appetizers and vegetables.

According to a well-known advertising: “If Italy was a house, Emilia Romagna would be its kitchen”.

Do you like to eat? So the Hotel Diamond is your place: our chef Maurizio will tempt you with the delicacies he prepares every day, taking free inspiration from the traditional local recipes!
Every day, we carefully check each product. We prefer fresh and healthy ingredients, just like you would do at home.

Don’t be disappointed if you won’t find some product sometime. We follow the seasonality of the products and so we look for local producers in order to offer food “from farm to fork”.

At lunch and dinner choice of 4 first- and 4 second courses, fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea and a buffet with a variety of starters and vegetables every day.


Why not drink an excellent glass of Sangiovese or Trebbiano wine during a delicious meal… We offer local wine and soft drinks at lunch and dinner(all inclusive offer)!

We dispose of a wide selection of Italian wines (also biological) and beers.

Diamantino: the restaurant for children!

The selection and the quality of the ingredients are very important for the children!

Every day we offer a buffet for the children with a choice of first- and  second courses in order to satisfy the need of small and big.

The restaurant Diamantino is a cheerful place where the children can take their meals and play, while the parents it in the main restaurant.